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Best body lotion-bath and body works lotion-best body lotion for dry skin.The body lotion can't be bought blindly, Ava will understand its characteristics before buying it, to see if it is suitable for you, is not the kind of body lotion you want. Because each kind of body lotion will have its special side, is the main moisturizing or whitening, or is the fragrance, choose the time or appropriate distinction. This time share a few body lotions, find out if there is one for you!


1,Lubriderm Body Lotion 55 /709ml.

More than fifty dollars can buy, last year used up three bottles, the United States dermatologist recommended, moisturizing effect is particularly good, five stars recommended.


Lubriderm body study I moist version.The purple one is a moisturizing version, the texture is also thicker, suitable for desert skin and laser hair removal after use, summer use may be a little sticky.



2,Vaseline Body Lotion 45 /400ml.

I think this is the best to push, easy to peel must try ~Pantene E milk 10/100g.Super conscience of the national product! I used several bottles of it when I was in college, and it has a lot of vitamin E, which is particularly well absorbed and suitable for everyone.


3,Umeijin Body Milk 15/220g.

The most important thing to remember is that the texture is very thin, suitable for people who are afraid of sticky body milk, but the taste is a little too sweet.

The main moisturizing affordable models of body lotion a lot of, here to choose more popular, and the price are so beautiful, more use a little also do not hurt. Many dry skin, easy product dander people are suitable for moisturizing models.



1,Miyadora Almond Honey Body Milk 8/100ml.

A bit of almond bitterness, the texture is very fine and good to push, moisturizing degree is also good, like the almond flavor can try ~


2,Thailand Q10 Milk Body Milk 40 / 400ml.

The milk smell is superb! But the texture is very thin, moisturizing degree is slightly not enough, after applying easy to rub mud, summer use can be.



3,Shiseido Body Lotion 39/150ml.

Shiseido's few body lotions, and the famous urea hand cream, smell good, good push, cabbage, hoard!


4,Dove body lotion 27 /300ml.

The Japanese version of the smell better, a large bottle, can be used for a long time, not sticky, will not rub the quilt are, praise.


5,Nivea Night Body Lotion 30 /200ml.

It is a refreshing creamy texture with the fragrance of shampoo, and feels good on the skin ~


When choosing a body lotion, be sure to understand what it is the main effect. Sometimes it's not that the product doesn't work, but that you use it in the wrong place and way. For example, if you have dry skin, but love to use a whitening body lotion, you will feel that the product is not moisturizing enough and the cost effectiveness is too low after using it.


1,Zumarone Body Lotion 375 /250ml.

And the British pear perfume taste similar, very light smell, apply the whole mood is good, five minutes to cure ~



2,Shiro Hokkaido body lotion 260/200g.

Sexual style brand, the taste is very unisex personal very much like (male and female common ha), very clean fresh feeling ~


3,Byredo body lotion 430 /225ml.

And its perfume together into the face, high value, smell good, is the price is slightly expensive, not cost-effective, will not rub mud, will not rub mud!


4,Matsuyama Oil Body Lotion 119/300ml.

I love the smell of grapefruit! It's very light and absorbent, for dry skin winter moisture is not enough, summer with just right.


5,Chanel body lotion 348 /200ml.

I like this COCO, not spraying perfume also has a light fragrance, after applying very smooth, skin is not tight and skin, praise.


If you don't see any results with a normal moisturizing body lotion, try a deep moisturizing body lotion. This type of body lotion can nourish the skin while deeply moisturizing the skin's stratum corneum, continuously replenishing the skin with the moisture and nutrients it needs. The skin condition will then be more hydrated and bouncy. Relatively come it, they are also more expensive.

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