What brand of skin care products hydration effect is good?

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What brand of skin care products hydration effect is good?Skin care productsis a very important skin care products, many girls will apply a skin care products before going to bed at night, so that the state of the skin will be better and better, and now the market is very many brands of skin care products, so we need to understand what brand of skin care products hydration effect is good?

What is the effect of the mask what brand?

One, Ortilie grape seed brightening and whitening mask, glycolic acid peeling mask. Not so shocking la, is actually a gentle exfoliation product using glycolic acid. The packaging says twice a week, ten minutes each time, avoiding the eye area.

Second, the first can soothe the mask, many reviews called the affordable version of the "first aid mask" king, it is mainly deep hydration, soothing and calming the skin. The first can formula is a mature formula of the international brand, using imported origin of high-quality plant extracts. The price is very affordable, every day with no heartache.

Three, Lancôme small black bottle muscle essence hydration mask, Lancôme this mask is a small black bottle essence as raw material, the nutrients inside fully integrated into the mask paper, put on the face to feel watery and tender, the skin of various problems will be repaired, such as dullness, roughness, dehydration and fine lines.

Fourth, Minon amino acid hydration mask, the mask contains 9 kinds of amino acids and low molecular hyaluronic acid, desert skin, dry sensitive skin with the most suitable, the mask paper is also thin and snug, the essence is transparent jelly jelly shape. The essence of the thick, feel to the skin injected with sufficient moisture, and also will not feel greasy.

It is best to pair it with a warm and clean amino acid cleanser that is particularly good for the skin. The skin texture will become more and more delicate with long term use.


What brand of skin care products has good hydrating effect?

Olay Oil Water Sensitive White Light Sculpting Stretch Mask, elastic woven fabric close to the face, so that the skin feels the massage like comfortable pressure, increase the amount of skin deep absorption of whitening active ingredients, so that your skin is even, pure and white.


First energy soothing mask, the best one I've used so far! Many beauty bloggers and magazines have recommended this Hatsuneneng mask with high ratings. The first can really be a very conscientious mask, raw materials and formulas are the same suppliers as the international first-tier brands, the product quality is very high. But the price is really very affordable, a classic mask.


A lot of people used once and fell in love. The main effect is very good, brighten the skin tone, deep hydration, fine pores, mild and non-irritating, many sensitive muscle like this mask. The actual fact is that you will find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on this.

The baby skin care products of Mandan, this hydration effect is very good. The previous domestic microsoft business imitation of this brand of mask.

AHC B5 hyaluronic acid mask, calcium pantothenate and hyaluronic acid made of mask, can be very good hydration, b5 can also relieve skin discomfort.

Wenyang sleep mask, one of the most recommended masks! Dozens of times better than a patch mask! The effect is good, cheap, for daily maintenance is really awesome, skin dehydration dull acne marks pores can be used, applied at night, the next day you can feel the skin become better, I now use this every night! The best time to take care of your skin is at night, when your skin is repairing twice as fast as during the day.

After the archchen heng deer antler mask, applied to the face will be hot, about 10 minutes. A little massage washes off, easy to clean. Very gentle, sensitive skin is also possible. The nourishing and hydrating effect is very good. The point is that there is some firming effect that will make you look good and like it, especially for winter.The correct way to use the skin care products.



Everyone's skin quality is different, the use of the mask is also different, to avoid skin allergies when applying the mask, so apply a little mask on the back of your hand before applying the mask, about 30 minutes or so, nothing to react, then you can safely wipe on your face.


Before applying the mask, you should remove your face and wash it, or exfoliate it, so that the mask can be absorbed and also avoid dirt from entering the pores. Wash your face and use a hot towel on your face for about three minutes, then massage it on all parts of your face for three to five minutes to enhance the effect of your face. If the mask is applied, it can be done in the shower to facilitate hydration and absorption.

The mask can easily dry out, so if you use it in the shower, you can avoid the strong skin tingling sensation and also save the skin moisture from being sucked back by the mask. The order of applying the mask is also important, to start with the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, forehead, from bottom to top; around the eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lip areas are not suitable for mask application. Be sure to note that it is best to start with the T-zone, which is prone to dryness, and finally the U-zone.

After applying the mask for about 15 minutes, you can use your fingers to flick the mask, and if it is no longer sticky, you can gently pull the mask. To pull the mask, start from the edge of the film first and slowly pull it off from the bottom up.


How to distinguish the front and back of the mask?

1, now many mask stickers have three layers, the middle layer is the mask, there is a thicker layer of pearl film and a layer of translucent paper film.

2, when using, the thick pearl film will be removed, and then the wet side (non-translucent paper film) on the face, and then the translucent paper film will be removed, so you can ensure that the front of the mask is firmly attached to the face. (The following mask composition: a layer of pearl film, a layer of mask, a layer of blue light paper)

3, if only a mask, in the packaging is often folded, the inside of the fold is the front. Because this side of the adsorption of the essence is often more.


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