Best tinted sunscreen for face-Best face sunscreen for sensitive skin

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Best tinted sunscreen for face-Best face sunscreen for sensitive skin.The sunscreen is always forgotten when it's hot, so it's just a matter of spraying some sunscreen spray every time you leave, which should have a similar effect. The actual effect of sunscreen and sunscreen spray is good.

What is the difference between sunscreen and sunscreen spray?
The first: the texture is different



Second: different efficacy

Sunscreen can play the role of makeup; sunscreen spray is mainly used for sun protection function is not much.


Third: the use of different methods

Sunscreen is directly applied to the skin of the face; sunscreen spray is sprayed on the face.

Sunscreen and sunscreen spray which is better? In fact, there is no simple good or bad difference between sunscreen and sunscreen spray, the difference between the two is that the texture of the product and the method of use is not the same.
The sunscreen is a cream that needs to be applied evenly, while the sunscreen spray is a mist that can be sprayed directly onto the skin. The specific choice of which product is still based on personal preference and use habits.


Can sunscreen and sunscreen spray be used together? Sunscreen and sunscreen spray can be used together.

The two should actually be used in conjunction with each other, sunscreen can choose a light texture, sunscreen effect with a good reputation, used as the main sunscreen skin care products, spray is mainly used to replenish the rub, a long time in the outdoors, replenish the sunscreen is very important, this time the spray than the cream to be more convenient.

Sunscreen spray in addition to spray on the whole body and face, if you find that the hair appears yellow, dry and other phenomena, you can also directly use the sunscreen spray on the hair, can help the hair together to achieve the purpose of sunscreen.

Which one should I use first, sunscreen or barrier cream?

Sunscreen is the last step in skin care and isolation is the first step in makeup. Isolation, as a makeup primer, should be primed first when applying makeup, so that it not only isolates the makeup from the skin, but also makes the makeup application more delicate and smooth. Sunscreen should be put on the last step, isolation cream so that sunscreen will not directly contact with the skin, to the skin first to replenish some moisture, but also to reduce the stimulation of the skin.


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