Buy facial cleanser preferred amino acid cleanser, and then the pure amino acid type

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Buy facial cleanser preferred amino acid cleanser, and then the pure amino acid type.

Summer sweat and oil, it's time to stock up on cleansers!

Remember those years you "followed the wind" face wash? You can also be a young and ignorant, everything dare to greet the face, made to make a sensitive muscle? The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who are not able to get a good deal on a lot of things.

Once you find that the skin care effect does not reach the ideal state, they first complained about the skin care products are not good for a few, but the actual first step of skin care is wrong! In other words, wash your face wrong, skin care all for nothing, so to achieve the best skin care effect, facial cleanser is particularly important, next I recommend a few recognized good facial cleanser to the guys!


Welland's Amino Acid Q10 Facial Wash

This Thai facial cleanser is fun and useful, and is the strongest pore vacuum cleaner. You only need to squeeze a soybean grain size, you can make a handful of bubbles, wash your face like a massage for the skin, very comfortable. The Q10 face wash contains amino acid skin cleansing factors, and then with milk lactic acid bacteria ingredients, to give the skin a deep clean, but also effective anti-sugar yellowing, oxygenation repair, brighten the complexion. It takes only 5 minutes to force out the oil and dirt from the face, "Say goodbye to the hassle and use two things in one".


Dove Amino Acid Facial Wash

This is considered what brand face wash has amino acid list, the most suitable for lazy people an amino acid face wash, it does not need to rub their own bubbles, press out is very dense foam, good cleaning power, wash after the face will not be tight, very suitable for oil skin and oil skin.

It is to extract nature's ingredients to create a natural and unburdensome face wash, as well as amino acids, can deep clean pores, soothe the skin from the inside out, balance water and oil, save the big oil field. The foam is dense and rich, skin-friendly, with extra mild ingredients. The fine foam penetrates deep into the pores and washes away the waste in the pores, allowing them to breathe freely.

The following water and milk essence, the absorption effect can also reach the best. After the face is fresh and clean, you will find that your face is no longer frequently oily, wash your face in the morning to ensure a full day of freshness, the experience is full of points!
Corun Facial Cleanser

The brand is a Japanese brand, they are designed for sensitive skin, Kerun skin care products are low irritation, water and milk moisturizing effect is very good, the composition is very reassuring. The foam of the cleanser is also very rich one, the foam is as dense and rich as cream, the foam of the cleanser will increase the happiness of using it, and it is also very moisturizing and nourishing after cleansing.


The amino acid facial cleanser is a net favorite, and many people will start with the amino acid facial cleanser at first. It contains a variety of plant extracts, jujube, peel, honeysuckle, gardenia, peach kernel and coix seed, as well as hydrochloric acid B and vitamin B6.

Buy facial cleanser preferred amino acid cleanser, then the type of pure amino acids, then see if there are natural ingredients, these are the key factors, so the first 1 products, Thai facial cleanser is a five-star good product, the first is pure amino acids, the second contains natural ingredients, better efficacy, more thorough cleaning, skin is getting better and better, starting with a bottle of facial cleanser.


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