Best moisturizing facial mask:in the end there is no use, these few use you will know good

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Best moisturizing facial mask:in the end there is no use, these few use you will know good.From the perspective of efficacy, we can analyze the types of masks, which can be divided into cleansing, first aid, whitening and brightening, moisturizing, firming and anti-aging, oil control and acne, etc. Let's talk about it in accordance with the classification categories.

A, the basic function - hydration and moisturizing category

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Moisturizing mask is the most basic one, but also the effect is the most basic, the requirements of the closest one, because our skin really needs moisturizing. Although our skin itself has a certain moisturizing effect, but we do every day cleaning will take away the skin's "natural moisturizing factor" and sebum. In addition to air pollution and improper cleansing methods, the skin's self-healing and barrier repair can't keep up. To put it plainly, lack of water can easily lead to dull skin tone, uneven skin tone, dry lines and fine lines and many other problems.

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When we do a mask to moisturize and hydrate, the water doesn't really get into the cells. It is really only a temporary hydration effect, but if you can penetrate into it, it will still work, such as small molecules of hyaluronic acid, plus the subsequent essence and cream skin care products can prolong the "good" state of the skin. It can be said that the main function of the mask is to hydrate and promote penetration of the active ingredients into the dermis, which depends on the type and function of the active ingredients contained in the mask and the process.
For example, brightening, whitening, repair, exfoliation, soothing and other ingredients, research and development is very complex, the process is also diverse, so that they are useful or useless is not universally acceptable, but choose a strong brand to buy is always right, so please rest assured that sisters, the mask is supposed to use, even if the effect is temporary, the psychological satisfaction makes people feel happy!

Moisturizing masks often add ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, glycerin, sodium hyaluronate, etc. These are also the main moisturizing masks on the market. Let's talk about some of the good hydrating masks I have tried.
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1. Di family blue pill (hydrodynamic vitality moisturizing) mask

Has been a good impression of the body Jatine, because it is a formula clear and practical, safe ingredients, non-irritating to sensitive skin serious drug mask. The blue, green and yellow masks have been used the most, and the blue pill is the best. From the formula we can see that the material is sufficient, low-molecular transparent sodium hyaluronate can penetrate into the dermis, coupled with the patented moisturizing ingredient xylitol for Tigeting to help lock in water, effective moisturizing and strong water lock. Finally, with the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects of seaweed extract, the skin condition can be greatly improved.
2. Dr. Wu's Hyaluronic Acid Moisturizing and Hydrating Mask

Darskin was founded by the authoritative expert in dermatology, the father of medical beauty in Taiwan province, focusing on the concept of "simple and good skin" quick-acting maintenance, so this brand's mask formula is relatively simple.
The main functional ingredient of this moisturizing and hydrating mask is hyaluronic acid, which ensures the moisturizing effect. The impression is that the locking endurance is better, the skin state is more moist after 1 to 2 days, the skin feel of the cotton velvet mask paper is also relatively soft, except for the mouth water does not smell very good.


3. L'Oreal ampoule mask

Ampoule just appeared, along with the big wave of skin care products, in the form of reform began, in addition to Ampoule + mask, some masks also evolved from the mask paste. L'Oreal's ampoule mask counted earlier, and I always used its little black bottle essence. When I was impressed by that good brush, I tried it. It features a separate design for the essence and the mask sheet. The essence can be packaged separately to keep the essence active and free of preservatives to avoid the effects of pollution and oxidation on the purity and performance of the essence.
As for the mainstay of hydration, it is the hyaluronic acid molecules of different sizes that can increase the ability of small hyaluronic acid molecules to penetrate into the muscle base, while the larger molecules are responsible for forming a water-locking film. Theoretically this is feasible, and I also felt the hydration locking effect was quite good when I used it before.


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