Mask seeding session, after reading this article you will know what mask for you

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Mask seeding session, after reading this article you will know what mask for you.When choosing a mask, do most cute little ones give priority to a film cloth that nourishes the face for a long time?
After doing so much homework about skin care during the day, there are still babies who will ask AKUMA privately how to choose the right one for them. (The soul asks: Is my daily small group class for nothing?) Harm! Don't you need a simple list of seeds? Do you want to press buy buy buy? (Don't hit me, arrange ~)
Today, starting with the mask, share the first half of AKUMA with a good project, including the common sheet mask and application mask, you can moisturize, soothe the skin, clean repair, firming anti-aging, focus on care. There is always one for you. (I'm too lazy to read verbose cutie suggestions. Just slide right to the bottom. Check the short version of the homework summary. There are eggs at the end of the article ~)

Mask seeding session

What mask for you?
So without further ado, let's get started on this edition of mask planting!

the mask itself is very permeable
One:Also known as elastic band mask.

At the beginning of the year, the beauty of the elastic band mask was not expected, but after using it a few times it really smells good and makes me a bit amazing.This film is made of cotton staple and is very skin-friendly. And it carries a lot of white latex textured essence that fully nourishes the face without causing too much burden.

The mask fits well on AKUMA's face, and the "V" shaped cut on both sides wraps the skin more carefully~.
I usually leave it on for about 10 minutes after washing before bedtime and then take it off. I feel my skin is full of moisture, showing its natural glow and feeling very soft!
What initially attracted me to the elastic band mask was actually the combination of "A Alcohol Pro (abbreviated PRO (professional, translated as: professional) + 3 peptides", which promotes collagen production and controls collagen loss to make the skin more elastic.
After using it, AKUMA feels that her face is really becoming more and more plump, and she can't help but touch it twice after applying the mask (it's too soft hahaha!). The dry lines caused by dehydration have also improved a lot.



Two:L'Oreal Bandage Mask
A-ol PRO as the main component of the L'Oreal bandage mask with dipeptides work together to help promote collagen production, Centella Asiatica extract can also soothe the skin to a certain extent.
In terms of ingredients, it is also a true anti-aging mask. How exactly does it perform, you have to use it before scoring~

The film cloth of the bandage mask will be thicker compared to the elastic band mask. After all, it is a unique design of double-layer Tencel plus a layer of muslin. Even so, there is as much free essence.
But the mask's upper face is affected by the thickness of the film cloth, and the degree of softness is not so good. You still need to control your expression when applying it.
AKUMA has applied bandage mask before, once you can't remember the time, it takes more than half an hour to remember. Take off the mask when the face is still wet, this alone is enough to take down a lot of masks I've used!

Selfishly, I think that if you stay up all night, the skin condition of the cutie is not good enough to do regular heavy care. After the face is nourished will show a natural beautiful luster, the whole person will look much better ~



Three:Lancome gold mask


AKUMA Did you say before that Lancôme's Essence series belongs to the closed-eye category and will not step on mines? There is a basis for this statement. At least so far I haven't rolled over with this series of items.
This time, the Golden Rose Cream Mask is a huge success just in terms of appearance. The film has a luxurious gold surface layer and a plain white inner layer with some thickness.
Unlike the creamy essence texture of most conventional sheet masks, the essence of Lancome Gold Mask is more like cream. Each mask is said to contain 15g of pure cream (light version), which speaks for itself.

It is thought that the thickness will affect the compliance on the face, Lancôme designed the mask into two parts, the upper and lower. After applying, the whole sealing performance was much better than I expected.
During the application process, I vaguely felt that my skin would be a little warm, which is normal, just like the essence is slowly absorbed by the skin.


After applying AKUMA for 20 minutes, there will still be plenty of cream essence left, more than enough to wipe the body (no waste at all, it's real money after all)!
Moreover, the concentrated care effect of realizing the gold mask is very obvious, and the skin becomes soft and bright. Even if you have recently stayed up late and your skin is in poor condition, you can also rely on it to turn over ~
Four:Dai Hsiao Purple Bottle Mask


Do not want to do so many fancy things? Want to apply a mask to moisturize? That Deco Purple Bottle Mask is perfect for you!

Its purple bottle essence AKUMA has been planted with you more than once. One of the highlights of the mask is that it allows beneficial ingredients to penetrate the skin faster.
For example, if you do something for a long time, your body will feel tired. At this point, you need to rely on external forces to adjust. A proper rest can make you feel energized.

The same is true for our skin. Wearing makeup for a long time and having an irregular routine can put a burden on your skin. When feeling "tired", revealing bad complexion, skin roughness and other problems, the purple bottle mask to act as a "gas station", for the face full of vitality!


Compared to the previous masks, the small purple bottle of the film cloth is very light and thin, can be a good fit for the skin. The essence is basically carried out on the membrane cloth, on the face is very refreshing, no sticky feeling.
Because the mask itself is very permeable, so AKUMA mixed oil skin with it does not feel a great burden on the skin, and excellent moisturizing effect, so overall more recommended from dry skin and lovely type of skin to start ~

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