The most suitable time of the day to apply the mask

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The most suitable time of the day to apply the mask.


8:00 AM Eye Mask.At this time, it is recommended to use a refreshing and anti-allergic eye mask that can enhance the skin's ability to withstand dust and sunlight. If your eyes are puffy, you can also use eye masks that enhance circulation, break down toxins and tighten bags under the eyes.

Use anytime: moisturizing mask

12:00 Noon Whitening Mask.This is the perfect time for a whitening mask as it is lunchtime for OLs and just after housework for full-time wives. The frequency of use is about once or twice a week. If you want to achieve a quick whitening effect, you can also use it for several days in a row according to the product instructions.



22:00 pm Nutritional mask.When sebum secretion increases during the day, the metabolic products on the surface of the skin increase, resulting in a decrease in the acidity of the skin and a weakened resistance to disease. Therefore, it is recommended to fully cleanse the skin before going to bed, it is best to steam the face for 3 minutes to allow the pores to fully open before using a sleep mask that does not need to be washed away. Let you get up the next day skin can also be hydrated and clear.


Use anytime: moisturizing mask.Moisturizing mask is the only kind of mask that can be used every day, before applying a piece of makeup can make the makeup fit better, if you think the mask is troublesome, you can also use a cotton pad with toner on the face for 5 minutes.


The above is the correct way to use the mask, you learned? In order to have a delicate and good skin, eliminate acne, blackheads, acne, dehydration, dull yellow, sensitive, red blood, large pores ... and all the skin problems, you must follow the correct way to apply the mask.
The mask is easy to make several mistakes: before doing the mask must be exfoliated to do clean; never waste the essence of the mask; while soaking in the bath while applying the mask is the greatest enjoyment; do the mask, the eye area should also "borrow a light".

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