These skin care products allow you to enjoy facial care at home, mask what ailments can be cured?

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These skin care products allow you to enjoy facial care at home, mask what ailments can be cured?Pampering skincare. It's been a long time, I'm the beauty loving Chang. I've been thinking about it for a long time~


For a significant portion of little white people trying skincare for the first time and regular consumers who simply skincare, the word mask is like magic and always makes them willing to pay for it. Dry skin? Apply a mask! Recently tanned? Put on a mask! More wrinkles? Put on a mask! Is the makeup card in powder form? Apply a mask! ...... All kinds of things, as if the mask is a panacea for all diseases, where it is needed to move.

In the wide variety of mask products, functional products are more likely to open the hearts of consumers, and some users with sufficient budget will choose to go to high-end beauty salons to solve skin problems through more efficient and professional products. This issue of good skincare, let KK introduce the real value for money, without going to the salon to get a good care experience at home theater masks ~

These skin care products allow you to enjoy facial care at home


Moisturizing Intensive Mask.More than half of skin problems can be attributed to insufficient water content and chronic skin dehydration, which can seriously affect everything from the stratum corneum to the dermis. The masks that account for the highest percentage of the market are hydrating masks.

Many lesser-known brands have a unit price of even less than $1 per piece. Users who are not familiar with the texture of the skin moisture cycle will always enjoy the illusion of short-term moisturized and full skin just after applying the mask, but do not know that hydration ≠ moisturizing, soaking with water allows the skin to absorb moisture quickly. How to make the moisture loss more slowly is the advantage of high-end moisture mask.


Philoga hydrating sleeping mask.Philo Plus is a brand with high popularity in recent years. In addition to the famous Shiquan Great Tonic Mask, this hydrating sleep mask is also a big name. The core effect is moisturizing and firming, and the main ingredient remains its universal medicine NCEF complex, added at a much higher concentration than other series of products. 50 active micronutrients combined with hyaluronic acid provide ample nutrition and reliable and long-lasting hydration, and combined with Acacia bark extract and two peptides for a moisture-filled skin that is firmer and smoother.


Finally, it is efficiently introduced through nano-microsphere technology to achieve the effect of needle-free hydration and effectively improve wrinkles and sagging. One of the major advantages of the sleeping mask is that you don't have to wash it to stay. Dry skin can be used as the last step of skin care or lazy people can use it directly as a night cream for a great care experience.


Demaral Hyaluronic Acid Mask.High-end theater hyaluronic acid masks have been popular in social circles for several years, using dermatological polymer non-cross-linked hyaluronic acid fragments specifically for theaters. Compared with ordinary hyaluronic acid, it is easier to penetrate deeper into the skin. The enzymatic hyaluronic acid has strong moisturizing power and can provide an overall filling effect like a needle-free water injection.



Vitamin E is also added to the mask solution to help fight free radicals. By scavenging oxidative metabolites, the skin not only retains its radiance and luminosity, but also reduces cellular damage and delays the aging process caused by environmental damage.


Ceramides then strengthen the resilience of the skin barrier, gradually increasing the skin's own resistance to environmental damage. The precious star anti-aging ingredient palmitoyl pentapeptide-4, with its small molecular structure, can effectively penetrate the surface skin, activate the vitality of collagen cells, promote the synthesis of new collagen fibers, improve the sagging skin from the bottom support structure, fill and smooth fine lines from the inside out, and restore the skin to a full and delicate youthful state.
New song hyaluronic acid mask.Compared with several well-known theater brands mentioned above, newangance is not too well known in China, but still has a high position in the French pharmaceutical market.


This hyaluronic acid mask focuses on enhancing the skin's own water content and water holding capacity, so it uses small molecules of hyaluronic acid below 10,000 daltons, which can penetrate the stratum corneum to reach the deeper layers of the skin and participate in the circulation of the moisturizing structure, filling and enhancing the fullness of the skin, effectively promoting the production of new hyaluronic acid by the cells, continuously hydrating from the inside out, achieving comprehensive hydration and moisturization from the inside out, and with palm It also works with palmitoyl pentapeptide-3 to promote collagen synthesis and tighten the underlying skin structure for a stronger and healthier barrier. The bio-fiber woven membrane is also a plus. Countless tiny 3D capsules are interwoven to store the essence and evenly release the penetration for more stable and long-lasting absorption efficiency.



Brush acid mask.Acid brushing can be said to be the hot topic this year. There is no doubt that acidic ingredients do have a good effect on improving oily skin, blackheads, roughness and dullness. However, due to the relatively strong irritation, we all need to do our homework before using it. The common acid ingredients on the market today are fruit acids, salicylic acid, retinoic acid, almond acid and so on. It is recommended to gradually build up skin tolerance from the initial low concentration of exposure to acidic products, and to do a good job of subsequent hydration repair and sun protection.


NEOSTRATA Crestri Tri-Stearate Skin Softening Gel Mask.Speaking of Sinistrata, friends familiar with the value of medical beauty must know. Almost all high-end fruit acid rejuvenation programs in salons use ingredients from Sinistrata, and Sinistrata's own skin care line is quite popular.


This fruit acid skin softening gel mask is a moderate concentration in a home grade fruit acid mask, a safe concentration that can be trusted for self-operation. It uses 15% glycolic acid with Core Silk's exclusive technology, which allows the fruit acid molecule to exist in a 100% free state. It is highly bioavailable and permeable, not only effectively unclogging pores, but also promoting the synthesis of hyaluronic acid and collagen. It is a new generation anti-aging fruit acid ingredient.

The slow-release technology of Corey amphoteric hydroxyl compounds ensures the continuous release of fruit acid ingredients in stable, low-stimulating concentrations, which can achieve highly effective unblocking, smoothing and deep conditioning effects on rough, oily skin, closed acne-prone skin, and dry, peri-keratinized, hardened skin.

Drunken Elephant Baby Creatine Rejuvenating Mask.Drunken Elephant is popular throughout North America, with no added purity, and is the latest hot newcomer. All products are formulated with only ingredients that are selected to be absorbed and utilized by the skin, which gives many sensitive skin and vegetarians a more favorable option. This multi-acid rejuvenating mask is a powerful formula under rejuvenating skin.


The concentration of 25% Complex Fruit Acid + 2% Salicylic Acid is close to the upper limit of the concentration of home brushing acids. Glycolic acid + T.L.C. (T)Tartaric acid + (L)Lactic acid + (C)Citric acid exfoliates, unclogs pores, enhances the elasticity of the muscle base, and improves skin aging while cleansing, while salicylic acid is more important. This mask also contains antioxidant ingredients such as chickpea flour, green tea powder, milk thistle and apple extract. , which resists free radical erosion, evens out skin tone, prevents dull and patchy new keratin layer, and is suitable for tolerant skin.

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