South Korea’s this kleenex mask forever God, cost-effective and very hydrating

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South Korea's this kleenex mask forever God, cost-effective and very hydrating.If it is said that one-third of sleep determines two-thirds of a good life, then hydration is undoubtedly the beginning of metamorphosis in this good.
It is said that everything is moist and silent, and the wind blows through the grass without a trace. Whether you go to bed early or apply a mask, one of them has to be on the way. How else can you go toe-to-toe with the years?

then hydration is undoubtedly the beginning of metamorphosis in this good.

Reason for purchase

Kelaisi should be considered my first exposure to Korean masks.

Good hydration, high safety, comfortable mask paper and suitable cut. Even today, when masks from major brands are all the rage, there is still a lot to look at on Clarice.

The second cost-effective, full of essence, sticky and not sticky, the taste is light and fragrant, stick on the face is very gentle. This has also allowed me to use it for almost five years and it is an old friend, so much so that every time a customer asks me to recommend a mask. Regarding the category of hydration, I first recommend Claris.

Product Effectiveness

Claris Mask is a skincare brand from L&P (company) in Korea. launched in 2009, the mask sales myth subsequently exploded. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the "number one" mask in Korea. In the cheap mask, its hydrating effect can be ranked at least in the top three, basically the kind of travel to Korea every time you will take a few boxes with you.

The natural moisturizing factor NMF is not only mild and non-irritating, but also can penetrate deep into the skin to replenish moisture, regulate pores and dullness, etc. It can calm and moisturize, hydrating power three times. Almost a mask can overwhelm many other masks. And you can use it all year round, the effect will definitely not disappoint. Have it at home at all times, and be sure to take a spare mask when you go out.

The main effect of the lace mask is: hydration! Water creation! The water! As a pure hydration mask, five times a week is not too much. When the skin is dry and peeling, a piece immediately makes the skin moist and full, even if the skin is dehydrated will not sting. Suitable for any skin type, sensitive skin sisters can also be arranged (my mother sensitive skin was rubbed by red blood, but as safe as this).

In addition, every product of her family is a work of conscience. According to Clarice's official website, there are 53 types of masks in terms of efficacy and series. So, in terms of selectivity, very wide, while the blue Clarice is a classic mask, it really is a good mask to choose with eyes closed.

Of course, the mask is good, not I say. Let's say there are no fake masks. We have to set aside the clouds to see the moon and see the essence.


Product introduction

Clorox as a long-established Korean skin care brand, there is no doubt about its strength, and this "N.M.F reservoir mask" is not only a patented Clorox mask, is also the earliest mask developed, won a number of invention patents and honors.

The N.M.F moisturizing factor and hyaluronic acid contained in the ingredients can quickly penetrate and provide self-healing ability from the muscle origin, thus achieving long-term backup hydration effect, this mask can also be used for sensitive skin (see category APP for details of the ingredients).
Compared with functional masks, the important appeal of daily masks is hydration, and Clarice is mainly based on water-soluble moisturizers, such as amino acids, hyaluronic acid, ceramides, etc., all of which can improve the water retention of the stratum corneum in a short period of time through the mask, so as to achieve the purpose of hydration and moisturizing.


Very good

Kelaisi's mask paper is a film cloth made of cotton seed fleece, similar to the concept silk that has become popular in recent years. It is characterized by high compliance, high tolerance and absorption of essence, good breathability and moisturizing properties.
Open the mask, you can see the moderate thickness of the mask paper essence is basically on it, from the mask cloth poured out of the essence can also be seen in a clear texture, not sticky, refreshing.

Each mask contains 27 ml of essence. Hold it in your hand and you can feel the thick essence adsorbed on the mask. A mask can achieve multi-faceted care, 15 minutes of deep hydration.

Things to note

1. It is recommended to use 2-3 times a week.

2. Store at room temperature, do not put under strong light and high temperature.

3. Keep it flat to ensure that every inch of the mask is full of essence.

How to use

After cleansing the basic skin, apply the mask gently on the face and remove after about 15-20 minutes, gently massage the face to help fully absorb the remaining essence.

By the way, the relationship between Claris, Lidz and Medieval. Many people see the package and the name, which means they are silly and confused.

Brand Story

First of all, Clinique Claise is actually mediheal Mediheal, officially renamed in 2012, but I'm used to calling Claise in person while Clinique Claise and leader Ritz are in a trademark dispute. claise was early on a collaborative product between L&P and leaders dermatology hospital, and the packaging trademark was also leaders clinic (now packaged as Mediheal).

If it is easy to understand, their relationship can be directly understood as we once saw the relationship between Wang Laoji and Gadobao, which was originally a cooperative and mutually beneficial relationship, and then... Everyone knows that.



Version Theory

I actually didn't pay too much attention to the M and C versions, but over the past few years I've noticed a slight difference in the Wanning version. The mask paper of the Manning version is thinner and more expensive. Personally, I feel that the Manning version is not as good as the regular version, but I prefer the regular version. Again, I don't have to go into too much detail because it's safe to assume that in Hong Kong, China, the average mall and chain stores sell the same version. Of course, turnips and cabbages are different.



Finally, the summary

Overall, as a basic hydrating mask, an evergreen tree that has grown by word of mouth, Claris cannot be hoarded too much.

After all, only if the skin has enough moisture, it can better absorb other nutrients. To be beautiful, hydrate first. Whether it is desert skin or daily hydration needs, N.M.F Claris is undoubtedly a very good choice.


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