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Basketball shoes choose which brand is better?

Basketball shoes choose which brand is better?

If you’re wondering which brand makes the best basketball shoes.

That’s undoubtedly Nike. Star resources, technical reserves, and basketball shoes experience and heritage and other brands have a considerable gap, and Nike is trying to make their shoes can meet the needs of all levels of consumers.

This can be seen in the high-end line’s extensive use of color schemes, which are more suited to infield wear with crystal bottoms.

Examples are LBJ series of many crystal base color, and KD. The pricing is 1599,1399 (LBJ low) and 1299, the absolute premium level.

To be more comprehensive, Nike will also add XDR bottoms to its high-end lines to make sure the outfield is wearable, since arenas aren’t everywhere.Nike, in an effort to make king James’s signature boots available to cash-strapped lebron fans, has introduced two branches: warrior and Envoy. The XDR base will have a much higher color ratio than the XDR base, and will allow lebron to wear the Warriors for a long time in the playoffs.

The Nike Shox was the longest developed and most rigorously tested product in shoe-making history at the time, and it took 16 years of marathon research to finally come to life. As a work of 16 years of grinding a sword, after a brief brilliant, and experienced nearly 16 years of silence, objectively speaking, Nike Shox is not a success. But the message Nike Shox sent to everyone back then was epochal.

It has to be said that Nike is the only brand that can completely and perfectly take into account the four dimensions of front/guard, inside/outside.

Not to mention the fact that Nike has shown great design prowess in the Hyperdunk collection, where Nike can make five positions applaud a pair of shoes.

If the budget is enough, Nike is definitely the top end, followed by Adidas and Under Armour. Although AJ is more in fashion now, it has to be admitted that Nike still leads the way when it comes to sneaker technology.

The following is mainly from the cost performance to make some recommendations. Usually, we will divide the players into three types: strength, speed and versatility, and the corresponding shoe needs will be different. Power: Power players need shoes with maximum cushion and stability.

Such shoes can be too heavy. For example, a strong offensive forward center, due to more contact, more twist. Basketball shoes to pay attention to is: uppers strong, mid-sole twist, ankle protection. All-rounders: Look for shoes with proper ankle protection and cushioning. There are many to choose from. For example, can fly and jump forward, because of the good bounce, good air work, and the weight is not too big.

Choose basketball shoes should pay attention to: cushioning and ankle protection. Speed: Choose a shoe that is light but can provide proper support, cushioning and flexibility. Such as the speed guard and small forward, speed, sudden changes, interspersed with all positions in the field to find opportunities.

If you belong to this type, the basketball shoe that needs should notice: shoe body is light, shoe type wraps foot, shoe outer sole wants stability, attention is comfortable.